Dr. Ashok Kumar Upadhyay is one of the leading Ophthalmologists from Odisha, specialising in diagnosis of Glaucoma & Perimetry. He has vast experience in performing trabeculectomy and combined glaucoma & cataract surgery.


Dr. Upadhyay has independently performed more than 8000 cataract surgeries till date. He has immense expertise in performing topical and complex eye surgeries with impeccable record in Phacoemulsification and Glaucoma Surgery.


In order to refine his ophthalmic skills, Dr. Upadhyay did fellowship in diagnosis & management of Glaucoma as well as in Phacoemulsification and suture less cataract surgery.


Dr. Upadhyay is the Director of Drishti Eye Care located in Cuttack. Centre is a one stop shop for treatment of all disorders related to eye. It is majorly famous for computerised eye testing, tonometry, contact lens, cataract surgery and fundoscopy.


He is also attached with Lions Eye Hospital, Cuttack as Consultant Phaco and Glaucoma Surgeon. Hospital provides advanced eye care services to the people of Cuttack and its surrounding areas.